10 most interesting finds on Yoodlize rental app

Apr 13, 2024

Yoodlize a peer-to-peer rental platform where you can rent just about anything. You’ll find plenty of tools, outdoor gear, camping equipment, sporting goods and party decor rentals, but you can also find some pretty unique things listed for rent by your neighbors. 

Here’s a list of 10 of the most interesting finds on Yoodlize today:

  1. Chicken plucker 

Do you have the guts to try this with your backyard chickens? This chicken plucker gets the job done in seconds, saving you tons of time and the $300-$500 it would cost to buy one of these babies. 

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Rent a hyperbaric oxygen chamber all day for less than it would cost for one session at a clinic. Hyperbaric technology is designed for athlete recovery and performance, injury repair and active rehabilitation after intense training and sports. Your body and your wallet will thank you. 

  1. Anti-motion sickness glasses

Read, scroll or view with ease on your next road trip without worrying about dizziness or nausea with these glasses that prevent motion sickness. They might look silly, but you’ll be smart if you rent these the next time you travel. 

  1. Magnet fishing

Did you even know that magnet fishing was a thing? Use this powerful magnet in the water to see what cool objects it pulls up. Previous finds have included sign posts, tools, bicycles and, yes, even an old boot. 

  1. Shocking game

It is shocking that anyone would want to play this shocking game. Maybe you want to electrify your next party? If so, you better have lightning-quick reaction time because this game stings! Zap on over to the Yoodlize app and rent this game to see if you have nerves of steel.

  1. Marshmallow gun

You’ll hate picking up the mini marshmallows that will inevitably end up all over your house, but your kids will love these PVC marshmallow guns! Rent up to 50 of these blasters for a super fun and unique party activity.

  1. Horses

Giddyup on over to the Yoodlize app to rent these gorgeous horses that come with a guide for your trail ride. Date night? Check. 

  1. Wizard party in a box

This enchanting trunk includes all the items you’ll need to create a wonderful wizarding world. Accio magic!

  1. Polaris Slingshot

Ever driven in a three-wheeled open-top car? Enjoy the road like never before in this sporty Slingshot is perfect for corners, canyons, backroads, scenic byways and open highways.

  1. Creepy spider plant

This “cute” ceramic pot is sure to be a conversation starter and add quirky charm to any space. 

© 2024 Yoodlize Inc.

© 2024 Yoodlize Inc.