Interacting with Yoodlize renters: Best practices for owners

Apr 17, 2024

Have stuff listed for rent on Yoodlize? Make sure you’re optimizing your chances to get rentals by following these three best practices: (1) respond quickly to request, (2) rent to verified users, and (3) complete transactions through Yoodlize.

Responding quickly to requests

Often when people reach out to rent something, they want to rent it soon (same day or next day). They message multiple owners at the same time to learn details and get a response as fast as possible. This makes it critical for you to respond quickly if you want to earn the rental. Fast response times dramatically increase your chances of getting a rental when someone reaches out.

Renting to verified users

When people create an account, we ask them to do four things to complete their profile:

● Verify phone

● Verify email

● Add a profile photo

● Upload government ID

We do this to keep the Yoodlize community safe for everyone. We do not require, but strongly recommend, that you rent only to users who are “fully verified” (have completed all four of the above steps). When someone requests to rent from you, you can tap on their profile to see if they have completed all four steps. If they have not yet completed verification, you can simply ask them to do so before you approve the rental.

Completing transactions through Yoodlize

In order to comply with the terms of service, transactions must take place through the Yoodlize app. Here are a few reasons you'll want to transact through Yoodlize:

● Reviews: Completing transactions through the app will allow you to get reviews, which increase the number of people who rent your items.

● Legal Liability: When renters complete a transaction through the app, they accept the terms and accept liability. This protects you if someone is injured while using your stuff.

● Damage/Theft: If your item is damaged or stolen by a renter and the transaction has not taken place through the app, we cannot cover it with our insurance policy.

Because there is a clear correlation between completing transactions on the app and the success and safety for all users, we will flag and suspend accounts that seek to complete transactions off the app (e.g, by phone, Venmo, email, etc.).

© 2024 Yoodlize Inc.

© 2024 Yoodlize Inc.