Listing Tips, Part 3: The write stuff

Mar 22, 2024

The first step to earning on Yoodlize is to create a high-quality listing that draws the interest of potential renters. The components of our most successful listings are photos, price, title and description. In the third of three articles about listing tips, let's talk about the write stuff.

Writing titles and descriptions

Titles - Create titles that use the words people use to search for your item. The title should make it clear what the item is. Make sure to include what the item is instead of just the model or brand.

Poor Title: Camera lens

Good Title: Tamron 35-150 f/2-2.8 for Sony E mount


Descriptions don’t need to be long, but you want to give an accurate description of the item. Make renters aware of anything they need to know before booking, like what’s included in the rental, specifications (e.g., size, quantity, weight limit, power, etc), and anything else you’d like them to know.

As people begin messaging you about your items, you may start to notice frequently asked questions. Those are clues about other details you may want to add to your description.

Listing many items

Top earners on Yoodlize have over 10 items listed on the app. You never know what items you have that someone else will need. By listing many items, you increase the likelihood that someone will reach out for a rental.

For example, if you list only a paddle board, you have to wait for someone in need of a paddle board. However, if you list a paddle board, drill, trailer, tent, mountain bike, power washer, drone and chainsaw, then the chances are much higher that someone will need one of those items.

The more items you list, the more consistently you will earn rental income across your total inventory of items. It may surprise you what items you have that people are searching for on the app.

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© 2024 Yoodlize Inc.